Rabbit Grooming 

Convenient and Reliable Services


Enlist the excellent grooming services of Divine’s Pet Care LLC. We offer superior-quality solutions for rabbits to ensure they receive the proper care deserved from shave downs to de-shedding.  Please understand all rabbits must be spayed/neutered to receive any services at our facility. Trust that we will treat your bunny with compassion and care necessary to complete the groom session.

Our Groomer is available for shave down appointments to be scheduled on Mon, Wed & Fri between 11-2pm.

All other brush out and nail trims are booked for Tues & Thurs between 11-2pm.   

(No weekend appointments offered)

Divine's Pet Care, LLC does not teach how to groom/shave rabbits nor allow customers into our grooming area.

Please call to check availability when scheduling an appointment to groom your rabbit.